Who We Are
The MultiConnexions Journey

Multicall founded by Joseph

Assaf AO – widely recognised as the pioneer of multicultural marketing in Australia and is the Chairman of Ethnic Business Awards the longest running Ethnic Business Awards in Australia


MMG (Multicultural Connexions) founded by Sheba Nandkeolyar as a subsidiary of McCann World Group Australia before going independent.


Multicall and Multicultural Connexions merge to form the country’s largest independent multicultural marketing and advertising agency – MultiConnexions


MultiConnexions wins the top Gold Effie Award in Australia for Multicultural – the only company to win this award to date.


Sheba Nandkeolyar awarded the IAA Inspire – Champion Award for her lifetime achievement and contribution to the local, regional and global marketing communications industry.


MultiConnexions announces joint venture with WeChat agency, a Tencent business partner – to provide end-to-end WeChat services to Australian and New Zealand clients.


MultiConnexions expands beyond Sydney, with support offices in Melbourne, China, Hong Kong and India

Celebrating our journey – 15 years and beyond

The MCX Core Team

  • Sheba Nandkeolyar CEO

  • Angela Assaf CFO

  • Alister Park Director – Strategy & Business Operations

  • Georgina Lionatos Director – Client Services

  • Sanchay Mohan Head of Operations | Account Director

  • Marija Kovacevic Media Director

  • Diksha Lepcha Head of Creative Services

  • Katrina Hall PR & Social Media Manager

  • Hardik Malik Media Manager

  • Aman Gupta Graphic Designer

  • Dennis Nguyen Client Servicing Executive

  • Anabelle Yong Client Servicing Executive

  • Briana Giraldi Media Executive

  • Alice Liu Chinese Specialist & PR Executive

  • Shuang Guan Chinese Specialist & Accountant

Like a mini-UN, the MultiConnexions core team speak over 30 languages and are supported by 15 specialists and consultants across Australia. Over 1,500 community task force members support MultiConnexions campaigns and marketing initiatives.

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