Interested in inviting speakers for your marketing & planning offsite meetings & conferences who challenge the Status Quo and look beyond?
Here are speakers who can throw light on new trends, new media, new technologies, new & multicultural audiences which question the One Size Fits All Approach in marketing.

Sheba Nandkeolyar

Brand Diversity Marketer & Futurist

Founder & CEO, MultiConnexions Group

Sheba is a proud 1st generation migrant entrepreneur. A global marketer, a new audience & multicultural marketing leader and a passionate champion for Diversity & Women’s empowerment. Sheba has extensive experience in marketing, advertising & communications in India, Asia & overseas. Sheba’s cultural workshops and sessions, especially sessions on doing business with other cultures have been highly valued by the top 15 Australian ASX listed companies and multinationals. Sheba’s own story `Making the best of a bad bargain`’ is about how one can succeed in a new country & amongst new people both inspiring & motivational.
Sheba loves mentoring especially women & Next Gen Start-Ups.

Sanchay Mohan

COO and New Audience Marketer

MultiConnexions Group

Sanchay specializes in diaspora & multicultural marketing. His understanding of the multicultural landscape, new audiences, and new media has been found to be valuable by clients who are trying to realign their marketing strategies from a one-size-fits-all, to a more tailored and cost-efficient one.

Katrina Hall

Head of PR, Social Media, Diversity & Inclusion

MultiConnexions Group

Katrina specializes in PR, social media, and community engagement and its influence on new audience marketing and diversity marketing. Community engagement and PR for new audiences take on an all-new meaning when Katrina shares her experiences.

Daniel Assaf

Strategy and Insights Advisor

MultiConnexions Group

Daniel specializes in delivering leadership and personal development programs. Daniel is an inspirational speaker, taking the audience on a journey while discovering the potential of marketing to new audiences in Australia.

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